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Concessions in 2024!

Concessions in 2024!

Making your Specials REALLY Special!

Tuesday, January 9, 2024
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (CST)

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Concessions in 2024 - Making Your Specials REALLY Special 

Creating a Concession Strategy that Maximizes Leasing Revenue while Minimizing Income Loss


Specials, specials everywhere!  Seems like rent concessions are popping up in many parts of the country.  Do I need to offer a discount?  Should I match my competition?  Just saw a banner that offers 2 months free!  Are they kidding?  Yikes!


Industry expert Rick Ellis, CAM, CPM will walk us thru the risks and the rewards of offering a special  to rental prospects.  Apartment seekers love a deal and there is a way to make unique and personal accomodation to every prospect.


  • How to determine your “Concession Plan” and what sort of special will be most effective.
  • Learn the two simple rules you always follow when offering a special.
  • Explore the GOOD reasons to offer specials.
  • Learn to use concessions in the most strategic way and time. 
  • Tips for overcoming concessions and rent specials offered by your competitors.


Join industry expert and speaker Rick Ellis CAM, CPM as he addresses the increase in rent discounts and concessions and how to compete against your competition’s “LEASE UP Specials”.


About Rick:

Rick Ellis, CAM, CPM is a national speaker and industry expert who has been deep in the apartment biz for 40 years.  Based in Dallas TX, he is a practicing property manager and leasing expert who presents as one who is in the trenches daily...because he is!  You will love his fresh stories and examples that come from today’s experiences! 


Rick is especially impressive in the webinar format.  Come and be prepared for an energetic session with a few surprises that will keep everyone engaged and laughing.  

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Kimberly B. Booker.
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