How Do I Join SBAA


Join SBAA by printing our Membership Application and returning the completed Application with your payment for Annual Dues to SBAA - it's that easy!


Membership in SBAA automatically enrolls your company as a member of the National Apartment Association based in Arlington, Virginia.


Membership Questions?

If you have questions regarding Membership in SBAA, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to provide information you may need to become a member.


SBAA Membership

If you own or manage rental housing or supply products that rental housing owners and residents need, joining SBAA gives you access to the information, resources and people you need to be successful. When you join SBAA, you'll become part of a network of committed industry professionals. Through SBAA, you'll have access to:


Continuing education and professional development programs

Updated legal and regulatory information that affects your every day operations

Publications reporting on industry trends, legal issues and property management strategies

Meetings, seminars and trade shows where you can learn with your colleagues, seek out new products and solutions and build your professional network

Exclusive leasing forms, legal references and other member services

Product / service vendors having direct access to the decision makers representing the majority of Shreveport - Bossier City rental units

The Shreveport / Bossier Gazette - Our Associations Publication featuring information from a variety of sources to keep you informed of industry news and information.



Paying your dues gets you access to a broad range of exclusive services and benefits from SBAA, and NAA. Getting involved in your association, attending meetings and working with other volunteers on association business gets you much more! You'll have the opportunity to develop relationships with other colleagues, find potential business partners and clients and make new friends. Our membership count consists of rental housing owners, builders, developers, property management firms and product/service suppliers. The owner / management company members of SBAA represents the majority of rental housing units in the Greater Shreveport / Bossier area!



Click Here to Print the SBAA Membership Application